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    • 【六年級英語作文】《my best like book》_450字

      hi everyone,i like read books .i like novels, because it is ful. i like guai wu da shi book best. books on a yound boy. he is poor .but he is kind and clever. he very love the world is made of the l閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My Favourite Season》_450字

      There are four seasons in a year:spring,summer,autumn,winter.But my favourite season is autumn. In autumn,everything changes.All the things turn yellow.Leaves starts falling from the tree.The weath閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《我最喜歡的動物。》_150字

      My favourite animal

      I have a dog.Its name is Kiki.It,'s two years old.It likes meat very much.It,s very lovely and clever.It,s white.I often play with it.How about you?


    • 【六年級英語作文】《You are the most beautiful spring in my heart》_2000字

      Everything recovers in spring, grass quietly pops out its head from the ground, flowers open their beautiful smiling faces, trees stretch out their long arms, everything seems to be full of vitality閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《New semester》_2000字

      A month's winter vacation was spent in the splendid fireworks and ear-shaking firecrackers. The next half year is the new semester and the last half of the six-year primary school career. This half閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Let me know》_800字

      Let me know —— don't listen to others. There is a story - pony across the river, I don't know if you have heard.Let me just say it in a nutshell. Pony family lives in a small town, every day is閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My mother》_450字

      My mother Look at that woman with long hair. She's my mother. My mother is a person who says serious but not too serious, gentle but not too gentle. Remember my mother often finish my homework, v閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《To introduce myself》_600字

      To introduce myself Maybe you don't know me, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Yuki.I am 12 years old.I am 1.5 meters. I am 30 kilogram.I like eating very much.I think,I am a good student. I閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《A happy thing》_550字

      A happy thing Today, I never thought my brother would agree to play badminton with me. So, I'm going to make the most of it. Because I am a member of the badminton team, so I can play a lot of w閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My cup》_450字

      My cup Look at the exquisite cup. It says koko.Really beautiful! It's a birthday present from my classmates. I like it very much. This cup has been with me for a long time, and we have establishe閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Three clever little dogs》_600字

      Three clever little dogs Once upon a time, there lived a family in a small village. One day, the master went to buy vegetables and put the dog in the house. Suddenly there was a knock on the door,閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My watch》_350字

      My watch My watch name is Candy.Because it looks like candy.It is very pretty. It's my birthday. Dad gave it to me.I like it very much.It has a delicate shell. It color is blue and white.I can us閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Autumn》_400字

      Autumn In four seasons,I like autumn best.Because it is a pretty . In the autumn ,the weather is warm.The sky is very blue.When the autumn comes, the leaves begin to turn yellow and then fall. The閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Two mice》_600字

      Two mice Once upon a time, there lived two mice in a mouse hole.The elder called: seven, the younger called:Lisa.They were brothers, but the Lisa didn't like the seven.Lisa action made him brother閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My brother》_450字

      My brother My brother's name is Leo.He is 14 years old.Now he is a middle school student.He does well in all subjects.He is outgoing and helpful.He always helps his classmates with some problems.A閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My teacher》_450字

      My teacher Miss Lu is my Chinese teacher. He is young and tall. He is a good and nice teacher. He comes to our school for three years.I like he teach class very much, because he always can tell us閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Request》_600字

      Request Once upon a time, there were two people, one named Pipi, the other named lili. Pipi is very clever, but the body is very weak;Lily is not very clever, but she is in good health.Pipi ran to閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My Homework》_400字

      Today, my teacher gives us a special task. It is to communicate with our parents and write down their opinion about the ideal me. I feel so shy to do it, because I know I have made my mother angry m閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My family》_250字

      There are four people in my family. They're my father my mother and my sister . My mother is a teacher and my father is a bus driver. My sister is still a student. She is good at studying and she i閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《My best friend》_300字

      I have many friends in my life.Among them, Wanglili is my best friend. She is twelve years old. She's in Class Five Grade seven. She goes to school by bike every day. Her favourite subject is Engl閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Father》_3000字

      Everyone is the hard-won treasure of his parents. Everyone's mom and dad are worthy of respect and gratitude. To this end, some countries and regions set up a father's day. Father's day, as the n閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Go camping.》_2000字

      Now it is spring, it is a good season for flowers and birds to sing. In spring, the most suitable form of recreation is to get close to nature. To enjoy the beauty of nature. The best way to get clo閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《That happy noodle.》_1500字

      Each of us has our own interests and hobbies. Everyone's interests and hobbies are different. My hobby is cooking. When did I become interested? This is when I was a freshman. My mom and dad weren閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《Multi-functional Sofa Bed》_750字

      Multi-functional sofa bed is commonly known as bed turning. It not only has the function of sofa, but also can do other uses, such as bed and recliner. Multi-functional sofa bed can be placed in th閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《A Letter to Editor》_800字

      Dear Editor, Rearding the article about people who didn't return the money they picked up on the Interstate 71, my opinion is those people should give it back to the local bank. First of all, the閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《The spring breeze》_1000字

      Spring breeze is that is handfuls of key, it brings warmth and gently, gently, gently, while you didn't pay attention to, the spring door opened. The spring breeze, is a box of colorful paint.You閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《The hot summe@》_900字

      One out of the classroom, one into the corridor, a stream of heat flow coming to me, seems to whole body begins to release in air conditioning room has been prepared for the cold. Is always in a hu閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《瘋狂減肥》_250字

      Some people may say that the celebrities show them the good example of eating less food. But they ignore the fact that these people are under the experts’ direction. Even though they eat less, they閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《瘋狂減肥》_300字

      When we walk on the street, we are easy to be attracted by the young and skinny girls. They are thought to have the perfect body shape, which makes them stand out. The commerical ads also implant pe閱讀全文

    • 【六年級英語作文】《完美的世界》_700字

      People always complain about the society, because they think they are treated unfairly and so many things are unpredictable. It seems that if everything is under controlled will be the wonderful thi閱讀全文