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    • 【三年級英語作文】《ferry》_1500字

      I feel more and more that I live in the darkness that I can't intentionally, and never find an exit to see the light. It seems like a place where people in misery live. It's extremely dark, like a閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《Why do I always give myself disappointment instead of hope?》_1500字

      Why do I always give myself disappointment instead of hope? Do you have such a feeling? A man sitting in bed thinking, but do not know when already full of tears.Suddenly, I feel that the whole wor閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《Myself》_200字

      Hello,everyone! My name is xxx. My first name is xx. My last name is x. I'm 13 years old. My telephone number is xxx-xxxx.Mike is my good friend. I like singing and piaying football. This is me. D閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《My Mother’s Hands》_350字

      Today, my teacher gives us a task. She asks us to observe our mothers’ hands and then write something about how do we feel about it. When I get home, I walk to my mother and then ask her to sit down閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《春雨》_700字

      All say "spring rain your such as oil", but this year the rain came so frequently. After the Spring Festival for several field of rain, to wake the sleeping winter. Sky gradually dim down, the eart閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《保護環境》_600字

      Yesterday afternoon, the clear sky. Come straight home after school, I, on the edge of a road, I saw a group of pretty much thing is slowly moving, curious I went over to look, boom! Are a group of閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《元宵節》_350字

      2017 Lantern Festival lantern riddles and answer (a plant) put the plum flower mystery/answer: coltsfoot flower out suddenly two vegetables mystery/answer: turnip May drift of diagonal wind traps in閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《rabbit》_550字

      i like rabbit。 rabbit has a long ears and small eyes,rabbit eyes is red.it has a short tail,Rabbits have many colors, white, black, and gray.it's fat and cute,rabbit like Carrot and leaves。 bunny閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《father》_750字

      My father and I not have more than ten years, I can't forget the most is his figure. Last winter, my grandmother passed away, also one -my father's message, is it never rains but it pours. I from閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《My family》_250字

      I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. They are my parents,my grandparents, my sister,and I. My father and mother are businessmen. And my grandparents are farmers. I'm a primary閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《My English teacher》_200字

      I have a Engelish teacher.She is Amy. She is tall and thin.She like dancing and singing.Shi is like a flower,very beautiful.She is 26 old,She is older than me. This is my English teacher.How about閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《春天英語作文 美麗的春天》_250字

      autiful, spring, the mood even more beautiful. Rickets an entire winter backs straight, and cheerful smile full of hope. Parks and lively up, photography of young people, old people fishing, catchi閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《圣誕節英語作文 圣誕節到了》_300字

      It was Christmas Day yesterday. I had a good time with my friends. We had a Christmas Party at school. We sang many Christmas songs and told some Christmas stories. We knew after Christmas the Ne閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《seasons四季》_250字

      there are four seasons in the year. spring, summer, fall, and winter,but i like winter best. in winter we can play skiing, play skatting, and bit snow.i and my friend mary, make snowman.i閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《Self Introduction 自我介紹》_250字

      這是一篇英文的自我介紹,是同學們打開大門,認識新朋友的鑰匙。 Hello! My name is Martin. I am a boy. I am 9 years old. I am in Class 8, Grade 3. I am tall and thin. I like playing soccer ball and basketball. I l閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《My favorite season 我最喜歡的季節》_250字

      My favorite season is winter. I love it because on that day, the sky will float too many cotton, that is snow. It was beautiful, white, and soft. Met will melt. One to the winter, I will think of閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《My English Teacher 我的英語老師》_300字

      My English teacher is a young lady. Her name is Kate. She looks beautiful. Her English is very good. She teaches us many things, and she likes to introduce foreign countries to us. She works very閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《快樂的一天》_400字

        Today I got up very early I had a very good breakfast then I went out to play with my friend We had a very good time. In the afternoon I went swimming with my father it was very hot but we felt閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《保護小動物》_500字

        It was a fine day today and the sun was bright. I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmate, He Song. The animals were so interesting that all the people loved them. When a bear asked for some food閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《快樂的六一兒童節》_300字

        The children`s day is coming .so I am very happy.I think that day I am going to buy a beautiful gift for me.on that wonderful day, I am going to play in that children's garden whit my mothe閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《我的家鄉》_350字

        I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. 閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《我的夢想》_450字

        I am an ordinary person, I have an ordinary dream: Is a doctor. Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain.   Ma閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《放飛夢想》_450字

        I have a dream that I am always young. Then I will have enough energy to do everything whenever I want. Moreover, I don't have to worry about the old age during which I even can't take 閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《我的家鄉》_350字

        I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. 閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《一個溫暖的家》_300字

        My father is very busy, but he doesn't forget to accompany me. When he is free, he helps me do my homework. On holidays he often takes me to parks. I grow up with the love and care of my pa閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《春天》_350字

        I like spring, because spring is a beautiful season . Lovely flowers bloosm in the garden.   Butterfly is danceing above the flowers, bees is flying around gatherihg honey. Spring is a 閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《新年新氣象》_300字

        New year is coming,we will have seven days off,all of us are very happy,we will go shopping together,I want to buy new shoues and new coat,I am going to buy fire for my son,my husband has alrea閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《我的春節》_300字

        To tell you the truth, I don't like the Spring Festival at all. When I was young I liked it very much,because I could had something tasty to eat during the Spring Festival,and I could enjoy閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《我喜歡的春節》_300字

        My favorite festival is Chinese New Year.On Chinese New Year,I am going to buy new clothes、eat a big dinner.I am going to clean the house.Then,I am going to visit family and friends,I can get l閱讀全文

    • 【三年級英語作文】《有趣的一天》_300字

        It’ 7:08.It’s time to go to Lu Gu Foreign Language Primary School. It’s9:30.It’stime go to the beautiful playground and play basketball. It’s 11:50. It’s tim閱讀全文