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    • 【五年級英語作文】《a bad day》_300字

      on a hot day. my sister family have a serious ill. my family in the hospital realx do opertion. yesterday my mum to go xu zho by bus in the morning, mymum towith my sister family. my sister come for閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My favorite season》_200字

      My name is Amy.My favorite season is summer.Summer is from June to August.Summe is hot, but I like it .I will have a long holiday in summer.I can go swimming in summer.I can eat ice cream in summer.閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My classroom》_350字

      This is my classroom.There is a big blackbord on the front wall.There is a teacher's desk in front of the blackboard.There are twenty desks and chairs behind the teacher' desk.There is a door besi閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My room》_200字

      This is my room.There is a bed in the room.There are some dolls on the bed.There is a desk besidethe bed.There are some flowers and a book on the desk.There is a window in the wall.There is a clock閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My school》_200字

      There are twenty-five classrooms in my school.There is music room.It is on the first floor.There is a big reading room.It is on the first floor too.There are some computer rooms and an art room.They閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My dream school》_200字

      This is my dream school.There is a big swimming pool in the school.There is a beautiful fountain in the school.There are many flowers in the garden.They are too fragrant.My dream school is very nice閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Myself》_450字

      Myself My name is Yuki .I am12 years old.I am a happy girl! I am a good school student.And I have many good classmate.They are Leo, Lily, Apple So I often play badminton with my friends on Sunday.閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Man》_1000字

      There are two ways of life. The first is to live like grass. Although you are alive and growing every year, you are a grass after all. You absorb the sunshine from quotations, but you are not big en閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My pencil box》_550字

      My pencil box I have a pencil box 。 It’s my good friend. Pen , pencil and eraser’s home 。It’s very beautify. My pencil box is blue 。It cost me twenty-four yuan.I like it very much。 Oh the face of閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My mother》_650字

      My mother In my eyes, my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.My mother likes fruits, grapes, peaches, watermelons and apples. My mother likes animals very much. She likes playing with閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My favourite season》_150字

      I'm Amy. I like spring. Because there are beautiul flowers everywhere. It's warm. I can go on a picnic with my family. I can fly kites. I can plant trees,too. What about you?閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《How to Stay Healthy》_1500字

      Now health has become a commonplace topic of modern people. The most important issues of modern people are nothing more than health, diet, medical treatment, and housing and education. But it's a閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《邀請Tom參加馬拉松》_900字

      假定你是李華,你的美國筆友Tom是一名體育愛好者,得知2017年11月8日在你的家鄉西昌邛海涅地(wetland)公園成功舉辦了第四屆國際馬拉松賽,共有國內外2萬多名選手報名參加。請你用英語給她寫一封100詞左右的電子郵件。 內容:1.此次馬拉松賽盛況 2.舉辦馬拉松賽的意義 3。表達邀請其今后參加 Dear Tom, How is everything with you?I`m so閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Yuan Longping》_897字

      Yuan Longping was born in Jiujiang City, Jiangsu Province in 1930. He is the Chinese hybrid rice breeding expert and regarded as The Father of The World's Hybrid Rice. In 1960, Yuan started a hybr閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《A dream of red mansions》_2000字

      The red dust, carrying the shackles of memory, forever sealed the sad love. In the last of the afterglow, the wind was quietly blown away without trace. Only regret and blame... A chance, I opened閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Paradise on earth》_1500字

      Someone asked god, what's the difference between heaven and hell? God opened the gates of hell, and there was a lot of hustle and bustle, and everyone was holding a long spoon, but no one could get閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Back home in twenty years》_2000字

      "Ring bells, ring bells," my alarm went off, looking up at the calendar, November 26, 2037, calculated that I had left my hometown for twenty years! What has changed in my hometown? Look at your hom閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《I and the book》_2000字

      Shakespeare once said, "books are the nourishment of the world." This metaphor is apt. Books can bring us many benefits. When I was a child, my mother would tell me stories every night because of l閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival》_2000字

      Every year, our family holds an annual Mid-Autumn family reunion, and every family member in xiamen comes to our home. In the morning, the family came in droves. My cousin and his mother came early閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My home computer》_1500字

      Computer, since the 21st century in China each family. Theory of its history, it is a "big man". The first computer came into being in 1946, since then, the computer technology in the rapid change,閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《Cleaning Day》_450字

      When I am going to watch TV in Sunday morning, my mother asks me to do the cleaning. I never do it before. I don’t know why my mother asks me to do it suddenly. I clean the floor and then I go to th閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《life》_2000字

      A shade spring rain outside the window, wear a Lin and leaf, gurgling flowing, the wind at night.A curtain spring rain here, quiet, little drops are in my heart.Rain, outside the curtain, falling fi閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《My Best Friend》_550字

      I have a best friend. We grow up together. In fact, she is my neighbor. Her home is three minutes from mine. We play together since I can remember things. We also study in the same school, but in th閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《The Spring Festival》_550字

      The Spring Festival is coming, families are labeled as the Spring Festival couplet, hung up the lantern. Dad and I put up everyone, and everyone had a clean house together, also planted a flower, to閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《The story of journey to the west, new@》_2000字

      The story of journey to the west, new - the story of journey to the west, new On this day, the Monkey King is very at leisure, getting around inside the temple. Just then, the Monkey King to tang閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《東臺作家丁立梅Dongtai writer Ding Limei》_2000字

      Do you know the plum? She is our Dongtai famous writer! The articles she wrote were as bright as the sunshine, as beautiful as flowers, and as tall as a tree...... She used her own literature to add閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《發現愛的瞬間Discover the moment of love》_2000字

      發現愛的瞬間Discover the moment of love Artist Luo Dan said, "there is no lack of beauty in life, but the eye of beauty is missing."." I firmly believe this sentence, "this does not, I found the beauty a閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《給巴金爺爺的一封信 A letter to Grandpa Ba Jin》_2000字

      Dear grandpa Ba Jin: I received your reply. You mustn't go home. I feel very sorry. But I don't blame you, on the contrary, also thank you in writing very difficult circumstances, to persist in m閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《秋天 Autumn》_700字

      Autumn is coming, and the orchard is full of harvest. Look at the red light in the distance. It lights up the fields over there, and reflects the face of the farmer's uncle. It looks like a blossom閱讀全文

    • 【五年級英語作文】《螞蟻搬家The ants moved》_700字

      This afrernoon, I was playing in the garden when I found a group of ants moving. I sat on the bench, watching the children, they have no fear of me, still carrying food, I thought your this little閱讀全文