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    • 【小學英語作文】《a bad day》_300字

      on a hot day. my sister family have a serious ill. my family in the hospital realx do opertion. yesterday my mum to go xu zho by bus in the morning, mymum towith my sister family. my sister come for閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《my best like book》_450字

      hi everyone,i like read books .i like novels, because it is ful. i like guai wu da shi book best. books on a yound boy. he is poor .but he is kind and clever. he very love the world is made of the l閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My father》_300字

      My father My father is a tall and strong man . Everyone says he is a kind man. My father likes reading book。 He can told me reading was very interesting. I become interested in reading. I like boo閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My Favourite Season》_450字

      There are four seasons in a year:spring,summer,autumn,winter.But my favourite season is autumn. In autumn,everything changes.All the things turn yellow.Leaves starts falling from the tree.The weath閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《Unhappy you》_1200字

      Walk alone in the street and look around. Strange pedestrians, lonely roads, bright street lights, but that day she was very sad. The girl met a boy on the Internet. They've known each other for m閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My favorite season》_200字

      My name is Amy.My favorite season is summer.Summer is from June to August.Summe is hot, but I like it .I will have a long holiday in summer.I can go swimming in summer.I can eat ice cream in summer.閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《我最喜歡的動物。》_150字

      My favourite animal

      I have a dog.Its name is Kiki.It,'s two years old.It likes meat very much.It,s very lovely and clever.It,s white.I often play with it.How about you?


    • 【小學英語作文】《My home.》_400字

      Hi everybody. My name is xue xiao yi. I have a big family. Sister is beautiful and cute, I have a very pation mother And very love My father.We are often go to sing.My sister dream is singer.My fath閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《Life sentiment》_550字

      People, on their own way of life, do not be afraid of dirty! Step on the white bone and flesh, step by step to brilliant! People, walk on their own way of life, do not be afraid of sadness! Step by閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《beach》_450字

      The beach is a resort integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment. When you come to Holiday Beach, the most attractive place is the Blue Sea. The water here is clear and transparent. You can see閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《Letters of Asking for Help》_600字

      Dear Tom, I read your advice page every week. It's very useful. I have a problem with a classmate, and I need your advice. One day, my classmate asked me to help him cheat in the math exam.I kne閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My family life》_550字

      I have a happy family. There are four members in my family. My father is a worker and he is very hard working. My mother takes care of my family. I have a big TV, a new computer and a mobile phone.閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《You are the most beautiful spring in my heart》_2000字

      Everything recovers in spring, grass quietly pops out its head from the ground, flowers open their beautiful smiling faces, trees stretch out their long arms, everything seems to be full of vitality閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《now》_1200字

      Write to yourself in the future: Lulu, thirteen years old, do you know? I'm the one with broken time. Congratulations on your graduation. I remember when I first started school, I was an innocent閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《The Lion and the Beetle》_3000字

      Lion was very proud and very vain. He loved to stomp around the savannah, roaring and growling whenever he saw his animal subjects - Giraffe or Hyena or Elephant or Gazelle or Ape - to show what a m閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《your best gift for yourself》_3000字

      What is your best gift for yourself? Effort is the best gift I can give myself. If a person doesn't work hard, then life will only make you still decadent; but if a person works hard, then life m閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My classroom》_350字

      This is my classroom.There is a big blackbord on the front wall.There is a teacher's desk in front of the blackboard.There are twenty desks and chairs behind the teacher' desk.There is a door besi閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My room》_200字

      This is my room.There is a bed in the room.There are some dolls on the bed.There is a desk besidethe bed.There are some flowers and a book on the desk.There is a window in the wall.There is a clock閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My school》_200字

      There are twenty-five classrooms in my school.There is music room.It is on the first floor.There is a big reading room.It is on the first floor too.There are some computer rooms and an art room.They閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My dream school》_200字

      This is my dream school.There is a big swimming pool in the school.There is a beautiful fountain in the school.There are many flowers in the garden.They are too fragrant.My dream school is very nice閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《ferry》_1500字

      I feel more and more that I live in the darkness that I can't intentionally, and never find an exit to see the light. It seems like a place where people in misery live. It's extremely dark, like a閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《難過的一天》_1200字

      A bad day My heart is cold. I doubt whether it's worthwhile to spend so much time on homework. Why don't you try so hard to cry? Why don't you try your best to shed tears all over your eyes and閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《Poetic beauty》_3000字

      In the field of poetry and literature, a flower that never fades and a treasure that shines with all kinds of colors. She has an interesting and beautiful unique style - free and easy poetry, elegan閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《time》_1000字

      Those things you think about for a long time, they are deeply buried in your heart. When you think of them, you cry. When you want to put them down, but don't know that you really can't put them d閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《Qiao Biluo》_400字

      Today's Mid-Autumn Festival, I'm happy to go home to see Grandma. Grandma looked more alive, and when she saw me, she wanted to give me the usual stuff. I quickly waved my hand and said, "I can閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《New semester》_2000字

      A month's winter vacation was spent in the splendid fireworks and ear-shaking firecrackers. The next half year is the new semester and the last half of the six-year primary school career. This half閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《Let me know》_800字

      Let me know —— don't listen to others. There is a story - pony across the river, I don't know if you have heard.Let me just say it in a nutshell. Pony family lives in a small town, every day is閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《My mother》_450字

      My mother Look at that woman with long hair. She's my mother. My mother is a person who says serious but not too serious, gentle but not too gentle. Remember my mother often finish my homework, v閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《To introduce myself》_600字

      To introduce myself Maybe you don't know me, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Yuki.I am 12 years old.I am 1.5 meters. I am 30 kilogram.I like eating very much.I think,I am a good student. I閱讀全文

    • 【小學英語作文】《A happy thing》_550字

      A happy thing Today, I never thought my brother would agree to play badminton with me. So, I'm going to make the most of it. Because I am a member of the badminton team, so I can play a lot of w閱讀全文